Easy Cinnamon Roll Bread


A soft, sweet bread stuffed with a swirling layer of cinnamon and brown sugar then topped with a sweet glaze. Did I mention cinnamon is the number one sugar ? This is one of the best cinnamon roll recipes and it is also a quick bread recipe.


Dough ingredients:

3 cups flour

¾ cup of liquid milk

Half a cup of oil

teaspoon of baking powder

tablespoon of yeast

Filling Ingredients:

a cup of fine sugar



½ cup liquid butter

Roasted and unsalted nuts (almonds, pistachios and walnuts)




In a deep bowl, mix just 2 cups flour, yeast also baking powder

In other bowl, mixing oil also milk, & adding half milk blending to flour mixture also knead, & adding a cup flour also a little of milk mixture and keep kneading

Add the rest of the flour and the rest of the milk mixture and knead until it reaches the appropriate consistency and leave the dough for a while.

After fermenting the dough, roll it with a screw in a rectangular shape, spread it with thin butter, sprinkle it with fine sugar and cinnamon, and put all the nuts and raisins on it.

Roll the dough into a Swiss roll, and cut each piece 2 cm wide

Brush the butter tray with butter, stack the dough pieces and place them in a hot oven at 190 degrees and leave until they are done.

Water rolls according to diameter and serving


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